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     The Arlingtones Barbershop Chorus is available for your special event. We and our chapter quartets will perform a program for your group that will make your "happening" truly special.

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If you prefer the U.S. Postal Service, you may contact us by mail at:
The Arlingtones
P.O. Box 1772
Arlington Heights, Illinois 6005 
And an invitation to you,-
      Are you the Caruso of the shower? Can you sing Happy Birthday? 
      If so, don't be content to sit back and listen.  You are welcome to come and ring a few chords with the Arlingtones. Clear out the lungs, tune up the pipes, and join us any Monday night at  7:00 PM.  All meetings except for the second Monday of each month are held at the American Legion Hall on the corner of  Douglas and Miner Streets (121 N Douglas) in Arlington Heights (map on page 1). On the second Monday, we meet at the Grace Lutheran Church on the northwest corner of Euclid and Wolf (map on page 1). 
      Hopefully, we will see you soon