Christmas Show 2017

Christmas 2017


Santa, while inspecting the naughty and nice letters, seemed a little bit preoccupied and kept mumbling someting about being blue.
The Elves, felt that Santa might be depressed and a little singing by The Chordmasters might be helpful. 
Or maybe a little Elvis would do the job.
But Santa kept on mumbling about being blue.  Maybe a different quartet like StayTuned would help brighten him up.
But Santa's mumbles continued so the Elves, for a change of pace, thought a  a little Western style music might be helpful.
But Santa continued his blues musings so another quartet ( there seemed to be a lot of them around)  ChordFusion , was brought in to play in an attempt to brighten his mood.  
In spite of all these attempts Santa's blues talk continued, a sign that professional help was needed.
Alas, that didn't seem to be very helpful either so why not another quartet? The Hooligans. Where do all these quartets come from?

Time for the big guns, the Elve's version of the Rockettes was a sure to be a mood elevator.
 Nothing seemed to help and the whole Elf work force was getting ouf of control. But then Santa showed up and he didn't seem to be depressed at all. In fact he seemed quite happy...


...and he was dressed all in Blue, like he always wanted to be.
With Santa in blue and happy to be so,  the whole Elf work force relaxed and it was a Merry Christmas for everyone.
Photos courtesy of Bob Ahlmeier