Chorus Director Opportunity

The Arlingtones Spring Show was a good one. An enthusiastic audience enjoyed "Time Machine, The Musical" which included a large variety of music from the last fifty years.

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", A WW II song popularised by the Andrews sisters.  We had a real live bugler to help us out, Jon Ridler.
A little push/pull move at the end of BWBB.
"Of all the gin joints...", who can forget Bogey's classic line. The song was, of course, "As Time Goes By". (Extra credit for the pianist's name.)
Who the...? Oh, it's only our director Roger Turek reverting to his misspent youth
"Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in, the sun shine in" , from "Hair", the cult classic of the early sixties. Do you remember?  It was a turbulent time for America.
Don't worry about Waldo, Where are Elmer, Dave, and Ray? Where is our entire tenor section?
M.C. Ranager Jim Bataille and Mary Lou (Jill Turek) take a long look at what they about to get in to 
The tenors, ahh the tenors, completely oblivious to the obvious charms of MM. Is it because they are such dedicated musicians or because they are tenors? Dedicated musicians, of course.
The Arlingtones usually sing all their songs a capella (with out accompaniment) but we do like variety. What would 'Puff the Magic Dragon" be without a little guitar/ukulele in the background. Here, Ranger Jim and Dave Theile do the honors.
Just what was that note?  The Hooligans wait get the right start on "409".
Guest jitterbuggers, Shelley and Jordy, help put a little extra pop in "Who Put the Bomp".
Althought not exactly " The Village People" , Jim Corsi, Mike Johnston, John Morris, and Jim Bataille do a pretty good imitation.
Photos courtesy of Bob Ahlmeier
Music alone, with sudden charms,
Can bind the wand'ring sense and calm the troubled mind. 
                              Willian Congreve (1629-1730)