Arlingtones' Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Arlingtones is a Men’s A cappella Chorus that performs Barbershop and other styles of music.  We promote fun and fellowship for our members, sing as often as possible in our

 community and support charitable organizations.


  • To encourage and promote the musical education, skill and vocal quality of our members.

  • To recruit and retain quality members

  • To broaden the participation in Chapter activities by it members

  • To benefit our community through a variety of charitable activitie

  • s and services.

  • To promote public awareness of the Arlingtones and its goals

  • To foster a friendly, fraternal atmosphere for ALL its members.

  • To make the Arlingtones experience rewarding for everyone thr

  • ough a variety of activities; musical, social and family.

As developed and approved by the Arlingtones Board of Directors

Chorus Goals 


  1. Grow Participating Membership in the Chorus by (10) Quality Singers --- John Kent

  2. Improve Vocal Performance of active Chorus Members based on Director assessment and achieving 70% Tier One qualification by active members – Bernie

  3.  MartinGet EVERY Arlingtone to Participate in at least one Chorus supporting job – Mike Johnston

  4. Conduct (4) successful Social Events for Chorus Members and their families – Elmer Sweet

  5. Create one new source of funding worth $4000/year – Russ Beck & Al Thorstenson 

As developed and approved by the Arlingtones Board of Directors 11/13/13