Arlingtones' Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Arlingtones is a Men’s A cappella Chorus that performs Barbershop and other styles of music.  We promote fun and fellowship for our members, sing as often as possible in our community and support charitable organizations.


The Vision for the Arlingtones is:

  • To encourage and promote the musical education, skill and vocal quality of our members.

  • To recruit and retain quality members

  • To broaden the participation in Chapter activities by it members

  • To benefit our community through a variety of charitable activities and services.

  • To promote public awareness of the Arlingtones and its goals

  • To foster a friendly, fraternal atmosphere for ALL its members.

  • To make the Arlingtones experience rewarding for everyone through a variety of activities; musical, social and family.

As developed and approved by the Arlingtones Board of Directors 6/15/13

Chorus Goals for 2014:

  1. Grow Participating Membership in the Chorus by (10) Quality Singers --- John Kent

  2. Improve Vocal Performance of active Chorus Members based on Director assessment and achieving 70% Tier One qualification by active members – Bernie Martin

  3. Get EVERY Arlingtone to Participate in at least one Chorus supporting job – Mike Johnston

  4. Conduct (4) successful Social Events for Chorus Members and their families – Elmer Sweet

  5. Create one new source of funding worth $4000/year – Russ Beck & Al Thorstenson 

As developed and approved by the Arlingtones Board of Directors 11/13/13