April Floods

In April of this 2013, the Des Plaines River  flooded and in the process severely damaged one of the Arlingtone's homes. The 'Tones are not only brothers in song but are there for each other in times of need.
We got together on Sunday morning and went to work. Some were slightly overwhelmed by the task. (But tenors are easily overwhelmed.)
Others were more thoughtful as they contemplated the work to be done. (Basses by their very nature are a more contemplative type of person.)
There were some who gave orders (I don't know if anyone listened).
And others who did the work. (...showing off a good set of legs in the process.)
In the end, everyone pitched in and did a good job of cleaning up the mess. (As usual, leads just get the work done.) At the end of our cleaning session, we gathered together and sang "Shenandoah" to the river. It just kept on flowing.