Arlingtones Fall Show 2010

The Arlingtones Fall Show of 2010 had something for everyone. We had...


Miss Scarlet, who came up from Atlanta...

to see that the pretty young ladies were properly chaperoned, and...

...General Patton to keep everyone in line.

We had raffle tickets for many wondrous things: wine tasting, weekend get-aways, oil paintings, oil changes,...
Steve.jpg  two Florida  condos for a week. How 'bout that! All in all, we had about 31 prizes to give away thanks to our many supporters.

And, of  course, the show itself. Presenting... 

(Hey, it ain't your Grandpa's barbershop...)


      Chorducopia opened our show, "Goin' Holywood",
with an appropriate song, "At The Motion Picture Ball".
        How can you sing an Italian love song
without a mustache?  It just can't be done

There was some question as to the basses having enough sense to come in out of the rain but, hey, the girls look like they're having a good time.
Elmer made it to the spotlight and the Chordmasters were glad to have him for their version of "The Bare Necessities" from Disney's  1967 movie, "Jungle Book".
Prez Dave acknowledges those who helped make the evening a success. Everyone, that is everyone, in the chapter helped out in some way.
Poor Elmer was totally dejected because he didn't get picked for the VLQ.  But eventually, because of crowd demand , he made it. 
These guys look dead serious and they are. The Arlingtones take their music seriously and put a great deal of effort in to putting on a good performance. There's time for fun later.
In honor of those who died on 9/11 or in the service of our country...nothing else need be said.
The Spittunes did their bit with a nice rendering of "Shenandoah". Ranger Jim said it was a song about an Indian princess. Could it be true?  
The young ladies from the McDonald Dance Academy were a pleasant addition to this year's program.Their beauty, grace, and energy were appreciated by all.
We closed the evening with "We'll Meet Again" expressing our hope that our young men and women overseas will get home both safely and soon.

It was a great night. Our thanks to you, our loyal fans, for your support.
(Photos by Alfredo Rodriguez)

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